Hey Mark!

Don't beat yourself up too bad. WoR's are good and at the same time they literally kick our @$$es!

I remember that WoR way way back in 2008. I also seem to remember a time when you said you'd never do that again, yet you did! I see that as a positive step.

Sure we all have the forward/backward movement path as we deal with this stuff, and it's completely ok. Slipping back a bit doesn't mean your a failure.

I have 3 kids and as each one grows, they move a little farther out there on there own... then suddenly realize.. whoops too far!! So they run back to a place where they are comfortable again. But in time, they can go even further then they tried before.

My own healing has been the same way, go out there.... and have to move back a bit for a time, but in time I can go even farther!

Keep up the good work though. Any progress is better than no progress!