It's been a long while since I have been here, nonetheless, I really don't know what I feel. I am here to get some ideas with handling daily stressors, while married to a beautiful woman recently diagnosed with MDD. I guess I can say its good to be here again.
I guess it would help to tell a little of my story....I was molested from the age of 10 or 11 until I was 15 by my brother. However, I did not remember any of this until my senior year in college. It was then that I finally started questioning my sexuality and I spoke with an advisor of my in the religion department. As we spoke he asked if I was abused in any way, I said yes bc I was physically and emotionally abuse by my mother. But then this advisor started asking me questions about my brother and truthfully I don't even remember what it was exactly that caused me to start remember my past. However, I did what I was good at...pushing it all down again, but now I knew that it happened but I still refused to feel, or even really believe it did. It wasn't until I got married that I really started to remember and feel the abuse and the scars it left. It got to the point where my wife told me I either needed to do therapy or we were over...I got therapy. My healing stateted there, after a year I was given the choice to take "a break" bc of my career and then pick up later on. Well after about a year I found the time and strength to start again, however the free sexual abuse survivor center I attended was changed and no longer supported traditional therapy with ppl like me bit now focused on ppl recently being victims of sexual abuse or violence. I do not have the money to continue therapy and as my opening comments states, I am also trying to support my wife the best why I know how and am willing to learn how to even more. Thanks.

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