TJP43588 aka My son,

You are an incredible young man. I have faith in you, you are strong and you are a survivor. Together we can conquer anything.I will be there for you every step of the way. Whatever you need me to do,I will. This more than likely will be a long and difficult road,you will become stronger as time goes by. Baby steps, you must walk before you can run. I believe this is the beginning of your healing process. Your health and happiness is the most important thing. You know I love you with ALL my heart and I would give anything to take this pain from you. I am glad you have the support of these people on this sight. It seems they can help lead you in the direction of other resourses. I am going to the parental forum to try and gain the support I am seeking as well. I am grateful you were brave enough to share this with me. I LOVE YOU !!!
Sorry I wrote under your name I don't have my own I.D.

All my love,

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