I have been in the chat room a few times. It has really been helpful and at the same time hard. If that makes any sense. This whole situation is just hard and I keep remmebering more and more as I open up about it. That is so strange to me that I was able to almost block it out. I did go talk to a T and started that process, I also found a group that meets twice a month. I really would like to get into that stuff asap. I told my parents and family about it over the weekend. It was very rough, but I feel better knowing that I do not have to hold onto this by myself anymore. That I can have the support I need now. I have definitely had my ups and downs, but as you said before, that is to be expected. I will continue to read my books, little at a time, and keep getting help when needed. You have really been a lot of help while doing this. I was so nervous to tell my parents, but they did not blame or accuse me of anything and they are going to be there for me. My mom has always been my rock, and it feels good knowing that I can have her support when it is needed most in my life. Love you mom. Thanks again. Take care.