I am a 34-year old married father of two, who loves sports and cars, and have always been a very driven and ambitious guy. Throughout my high school and college years, I loved most pop/rock music, watched ESPN routinely, and played ball with my buds when I wasn't studying for the next exam. Nearly everything about me aligned to the image of your regular masculine heterosexual guy...except my affection for the famous 80s sitcom "Golden Girls."

Golden Girls won multiple emmy awards throughout the 80s and early 90s for its great acting and cleverly written scripts. It is such a popular series that it remains in syndicate on Lifetime or Hallmark channels commonly watched by a female audience. Much of the storylines centered around a woman's point of view, and how four women living together handled various women's issues of the day.

So many in my life always seemed to wonder why why I, as a very normal straight-acting guy, would be so into this show. I know my good male friends always thought it was odd, and my father would occasionally mention than it seemed like a silly show. Well, the answer goes all the way back to April, 1988, two weeks before my 10th birthday. On that third April Saturday, I was pleased to hear from my mom that I was going to be able to stay with my grandparents. I always loved staying there as I usually got to stay up later, and always to make my own ice cream sundae. As had been the case the prior times I had stayed there on a Saturday night, I stayed up and watched the Golden Girls with my grandparents. I loved how they would laugh hysterically at this show, despite not really understanding the humor. As it drew closer to 9:00, and the show was ending, I put my empty bowl in the sink, and headed to bed. That night my grandpa offered to put me to bed. And it was that night...that he also decided to take my innocence from me. It was a night that I will never forget as long as I live, and was/is the reason why to this day I am a fan of the Golden Girls. You see...that was the last memory I had of living a normal childhood, and something I cling to in difficult times.

This strange mystery that those around me have never been able to understand will likely remain a mystery. But for my fellow survivors on here, it's not a mystery, and I appreciate your support. So thank you all for being a friend.