i just re-read number 30 , i dont know his mind . All i got from that was that he was expressing that born one gender folk dont really think about lgbtq folks in any way. Sort of like at fox news just giving one view or us thinking the president or pope or queen or anyone in power always speaks the truth and represents the whole story.

i got from that , that transgendered people are not considered one of them normal types whether straight or gay, or male to female, or female to male or intersexed.

Just that those who have only one narrow view arent really seeing others as they are. You didnt chose to be who you are, surgery may be a choice but who you really are is not up for debate.

I was talking to a really good looking man , we chatted and he told me he was a new man, and ironically i told him i was too. He said that if he had not had sexual reassignment surgery, he would not be here. I said if i had not been finally ok with being gay I would not be here either. Understanding I had same sex attraction was one thing, but accepting that thats really who and what i am was a way bigger step and a much more fulfilling one. He felt the same. being a woman was not who he was. he knew he couldnt survive anything other than who he truly was in his , heart , mind and libido. I have no idea if he was straight or gay. to be honest i dont really understand that if he is now a man and has sex with a man, does that make him gay or is he straight cuz he was a woman and his dna is female . Its the hormones and surgery and his damn fine beard that make him male, so is he str8 or gay then if he has sex with men? I havent a clue and i dont care. He is happy, and he is a T.
oh yes , a survivor too.

cheers and hugs
The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011