I agree with whome--your husband needs therapy for the CSA--once he begins to heal he will better understand who he is and not just be reacting to the confusion and control of the CSA. Victims can seek to re-enact the abuse as a way to gain control over the abuse so as not to feel like the victim and as whome said it can be a drug and the type of drug does not matter as long as it serves the purpose--a fix to relieve temporary pain. The actions may or may not be conscious acts by the survivor--our fragmented selves can serve different roles.

Therapy will help him and you should also seek counsel--it is a terrible thing CSA and its effects are long lasting.

Remember, no one knows who your husband is or is not--we here can not opine because we do know people react differently to CSA. So please reserve judgment despite what some may have stated--it is not fair for anyone to label him without knowing him and what he may have endured. So I do not judge him, I just want to see survivors and their loved ones heal.