There will always be two side to this discussion, thing is that it is bad practice to take sides in this situation. The only person that will know the answer to this is your husband and that he will only know after he has gone through therapy.
Fact is that sex, whether with men or woman, is like drugs or alcohol to a survivor, doesn't matter if it is heroin or crack, as long as it is a drug. SO sex often, doesn't matter whether it is with man or woman, it serves the purpose. Many may disagree.

The thing that you need to focus on is you, this is the one thing that you can heal and repair in this situation. It sounds terrible but you cannot make him decide right now what is happening in his own head.
There is so much pain and confusion going on in his life, he might seem like he knows what he wants, he might say that this is what he wants, but believe us all when we say that it is not.
No drug addict wants to be a addict, no alcoholic wants to be and alcoholic. Often we think that we arenít but we don't really know what is going on.
Your husband needs to get into therapy for CSA before he can make any decision about what he is or isnít.
Take care of yourself, and strengthen yourself. Find a support group and always put yourself first.

I know that this is not the answers you want but it is the best advice that I can offer.

Heal well
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