I just wanted to say Hi and thank you all for a place that has helped me a LOT just in the week since I found it. I have so many conflicting thoughts and emotions about the things that happened to me that it is overwhelming at times. After carrying my secret for 27 years I have finally in the last week come out about the abuse to my mother, my ex-wife (she deserved to know), amd put my story on here. I spent the better part of the first three days crying almost non-stop. And it's taken the absolute total upheaval of my home life to make me realize that yes I do in fact need help and it's not my secret to bear till the day I die. One of the biggest steps I believe I have taken was that after almost three decades of carrying all this guilt, shame, anger, hatred, and sadness is that I finally wrote it all out and sent it to my abuser and told them I am tired of carrying it around and it was now hers to deal with. Things are still hard at home because of issues that have arisen with my gf due to my ways of acting out. But it's nice to finally be able to talk aboug what I think and feel and know that I have a place where I'll not be judged on what happened to me.