This is just to let everyone here know, yesterday morning I submitted my completed phd thesis.

The title is:

Disability, desire and society: the establishment of a new individualistic definition of disability and its practical uses in everyday life.

It hasn't been easy, indeed the reason it's taken five years and not three is that I was forced to start on recovery in the middle. Now however it's actually done, and what needed to be said was said, which was ultimately why I was writing the thing.

I'm trying not to think too hard about the fact that now it's going to an external examiner and that in three to six months I'll be having a viva, aka a spoken examination which could result in me being asked to rewrite it. People have pointed out to me though that my tuter, who I admire very deeply did! think it was good enough, and I certainly do! trust his opinion better than my own.

I've not really understood it's finished, indeed i woke up at five O.clock this morning wondering what references I needed to add to the dam thing!

However it is! done, all 129 pages of the dam thing, and hopefully that will be it!

As to what now? well as I've said before on this forum, recovery has made me very much change m thinking about my life. I need to do something vital, something energetic and there and immediate, and not be stuck on my own resources trying to write stuff.

so, I'm taking a grade eight in voice, learning italian, applying to Bermingham Conservatoire for a post graduate diploma in voice and will do my best to establish myself as a professional tenor in some way shape or form.

I do have to say a big thank you to everyone here, Lewis, rocco, Roger, Eric, Disapointed and everybody else who's been there when I've really been on the edge with this, sinse there were several points when I really was close to throwing in the towel on the hole thing.

So, thanks everyone!

Btw, I'm reposting a copy of this here in F&F as well as the main ms forum, so that the ladies who've also given me great advice over the last five years get a mention as well.