The brokenness and unworthiness is exactly what is required of the Christian. This is ultimately the death of the flesh. We in our carnal nature cannot of our own volition willingly put to death our selfish desires/nature. Isaiah is the perfect example of confronting the holiness of God. We completely become undone when we realize that it is for God's own pleasure that he delivers us from our sin.

I would like to think that I know exactly what is needed for my conformity into the likeness of Christ, but alas this is my error. I do not have the ability, desire, or strength; let alone the knowledge of what the end creation would look like. I think I know what I need/desire for completion into what I perceive to be a completed vessel of glory...But is this true? On what basis can I know what is ultimately good for me? I look around at the rest of fallen humanity and see bits and pieces of what I think are good things that I missed out on, but did I really miss out?

What did I miss out on? Am I coveting what God has given to someone else? Am I not thankful for my wife, kids, friends family? In my frailty I shake my fist at God and say "[/b]I didn't deserve this!!!"[b]

What you think you want is not necessarily what you need.

Soli Deo Gloria