867. Mixing all the chemistry set chemicals in one test tube and shaking it results in a powerful explosion which leaves the bathroom painted blue, and mom very upset.

868. Mom and dad are human and there's scary stuff there.

869. Run away from older men who try to get close to me.

870. Computer games are very addictive, but they're also very fun, and parents have no power in there!!!

871. Playing the piano is a great way to release pent up emotions!

872. Hiding from scary kids at school does not fix the scary.

873. Being attracted to other boys is fun, but don't tell anyone because everyone acts really weird about it.

874. Fun things can happen with my friends in their basement.

875. Scary things can happen with my dad in my basement.

876. Woman teachers that chase me and try to kiss me because they held a mistletoe above my head, really creeps me out.

877. My body feels very unsafe. But I don't know how to say it. And I don't really feel it. I'm mostly just running from it.

878. Wearing cool jeans and trying to get close to cool kids never seems to work.

879. Science fairs are places to get great appreciation and pats on the back.

880. Computer programming is so safe and easy I can do it for a living!

881. A sister can't always be protected, no matter how much I love her. But everyone seems to be blaming me, so I fall in line.