I don't think your husband is acting out. I think he's trying to come out... of the closet. Your husband is gay. I don't know your husband. I wouldn't know him from Adam. But everything you have posted on this site has referenced the same facts... he loves having sex with men. In fact, with the two dudes he had his "ultimate fantasy" fulfilled. Your husband is gay. He's a homosexual man. He's... use whatever term you want.

Your husband is gay, I believe, because bisexuality is just that... bisexuality. That means he could be completely satisfied with you. Or he could be completely satisfied with a male partner. Your husband is not satisfied with you. In fact, his ultimate fantasy doesn't involve a woman. He has repeatedly and consistently gone outside the bounds of your marriage and your bed to seek sexual fulfillment. He wouldn't do that if he got sexual fulfillment at home, and that's true EVEN IF HE ALSO HAPPENED TO BE ATTRACTED TO MEN! I mean, hell, I'm attracted to women, but I don't hook up with random chicks online or wherever.

These posts, frankly, break my heart. Both of you seem so buried by denial. I wish you the very best. And you can and will have a wonderful and functional time together or separately when and only when you begin to be honest and accepting of who you are. Both of you. Your husband is gay. And you've married a gay man.

Good luck.