Taken on a journey to a monster i never wanted to see
Journey i didn't want to go on ever
Taken against my will but couldn't fight back
Praying in a car that they would come rescue me

Handed over to this monster
He knows me in and out fully
I hate him and want him dead
He wasn't supposed to find me let alone get me

Rat and traitor the giver is
He will pay the ultimate price i know
Given to the one I ran from
A sadistic animal who wants revenge and to punish me

Brought down into hell fire and stripped of my soul
Layed upon me he did many times over
Information he demanded but i stood resiliant
Rape and brutal torture was his tool

Whipped and lashed with belts to chains
Cut open with knives so the blood runs more
Carved names and burnt symbols into my flesh
chained together and hoisted and hooked in the air

Burnt feet and back
Blood running from more lashes
Silence i remain for i won't give in
hoisted in air after brutal rapes

arms to my sides bound in tight chains
a slice here and slice there
blood letting he resorts to as he loves
I stay silent enduring it praying they come

weaker i grow
coldnes sets in
fainting and passing out
angers him more

covered in filth and grime and blood
brusies and cuts
head to toe
not an inch going untouched

I hear voices
see shadows
down i come
i can't recollect them

torture was his game plan
survival was mine
he got only my flesh and my blood
No other information to the monster

I collapse into gentle hands
Hands i shouldn't care to collapse in but do
I can't walk or stand
almost dead but bearely able to let go

brought back from death
knowing i never gave in
he will pay for the crime
he just has to pay for harming the little boy and little boy i am
I don't want to look back;I just want to start again;Somebody save me--- Pop Evil: Broken and Betrayed

I want justice I want you overthrown;I want courage I want to stand alone;I want your arrogance and I want your pain;I want your everything and I want you dead--- Rev Theory: Justice