Sadly no, no local groups of any type for men.

Ok, there is one, and years back when I was seeing a therapist I mentioned it, she thought it was a great idea. (It's an SLAA group). So I attended for awhile....

After attending for a few months I came to the realization that only a few were in that group because they wanted help. Most were there under the terms of their parole as registered sex offenders.

So one night after I listed to a fellow hog the entire time (and no, the leadership didn't stop him from doing it), talk about how he has done time for abusing children (boys specifically) and how the previous week he had spent an entire day at the local mall basically flirting (because he said he really wanted a relationship with this kid (yes he even said 'kid')) with a young clerk at one of the departments stores and that said clerk eventually calling the police over it and him running out of the mall but the police catching up to him, and then he shared about being accused of flashing the clerk (which of course he stated emphatically he didn't do....) and then he spun off into this tirade of the whole world being just out to get him.......

Well needless to say after that I night I didn't go back, and after sharing the whole story with my therapist, she agreed it was not even remotely a safe environment.

So that's really all I've found locally in any way shape or form.

I would love to have a group of some sort, but it just isn't here. I've been working (feels more like fighting) with the local crisis center about getting one going, but it has become very clear to me that their "desire" to get one up and running, is purely lip service. The one counselor there I spoke to, and after much emphatic insistence that they DO help men..... finally admitted that no one there had any training or experience or even material for helping men who had experienced sexual abuse or assault.

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