Dude, I care anyway - I feel your pain !!!

I know what it is like to have 'a few little words' rip the rug out from under you. You aren't back at the beginning but it feels that way. I am really sorry this person hurt you so deeply.

I know you are probably not in a place to hear this stuff but I'm just going to remind you anyway (We ALL need reminding sometimes)

"they are ready to forgive you as long as it is on their own terms and conditions."
A: You have already been forgiven by the One who's approval is of the MOST importance. As Christian surviors we need to remind ourselves that God's forgiveness and acceptance is worth so much more than any human's.

"So why should I expect to me special now ??"
A: Because you have the Holy spirit in you - "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" Cor 5:17

When stuff like this happens we just have to get back to the word - so God can remind us of the truth that He loves us, accepts us as his son and has forgiven us of all the stuff we have done. If God has forgiven our sin then who are we to hold onto it. The price/debt has been paid so now all we need to do is say thankyou and move on. (I am still working on this too and I know it IS NOT easy. Sorry if this sounds simplistic and harsh but I believe it is the truth) We have worth because of who we are in Him.

To me you're not nothing - you have been a such a positive influence in my life that words can't explain.
More than meets the eye!