Learning lots of interesting stuff.

I applied to volunteer at the Expressive Therapies Summit in November. If I am accepted I may be able to go to some of the lectures and workshops for free or at least a discount. There is one on the use of folk doll-making in the therapeutic setting. Also there is a lecture on using the fabric of different nations in working with diverse populations (BTW I sew.) There a few art journalling and written journal-keeping workshops. The lectures on treating trauma in the future and the neurological studies on brain changes when the people are engaged in art, music, dance and role play (acting.)

So, in a way, I am glad I did not take a heavier class load than I have. I've been attending all these non-credit events which makes for great learning experiences.

Last week I went to a lecture about survivors of suicide, i.e., people who have lost loved-ones to suicide. Although the presenters were very good, their connecting their creative project, a film about their cross-country bike trip for suicide awareness, to art therapy was not very strong.