I know in my initial text I even stated I wasn't looking for solutions. Sam is right, and these words from the song "I will not walk away " ht Michael card really are what I'm feeling.

( Donít read me pointless poems, friend. Donít diagnose. Donít condescend. Though you may be right to disagree, I need someone to weep with me.)

I just needed someone to understand and be there. Sadly one didn't reply at all, one response you did see, and the other at least said he was praying for me.

I know about giving it up to God, but that doesn't make everything instantly go away or take away all the issues. Sure I know that God certainly could if He so chose, but even Paul asked to be delivered from a struggle and was told "My grace is sufficient for you."

God can do it but He doesn't do it for everyone because for some of Y's He asks us to just have faith and trust. Even Paul was able to realize that his struggle kept him from falling into pride and arrogance and so "embraced" hus weakness.