It sounds like he is being over simplistic, indeed. Surviving and recovery can and do suck! The act of pulling oneself away from the madness of the abuse and actually putting the shame and controls on those responsible is a tremendous burden. It is overwhelming!

Text, blogs and chat are terrible mediums for conveying the true depth of compassion and empathy. Whatever his distraction, this reply was not of a caliber that rose to the struggle you are feeling. To "lay it at the alter" is good advice, but you may not have been ready to hear it. What you may have wanted was empathy, that the other person could have told you he too struggles from time to time, and is stuck in the funk of the past, and it is difficult to breakthrough. I know for me it certainly can be a struggle to work through the hour/day/week of discouragement.

I feel your pain Scott and it is my honor to sit with you in this ache and misery in companionship. Sometimes we need to feel the weight of our struggle, it IS a burden, it IS a chore others do not have to carry. I am here for you, having been through this and feeling the effects of this difficulty. Sometimes the news will display pictures of weary soldiers with soulless eyes, sweaty and muddy, clothing stained and wore with heavy fighting, this is how those times feel for me, like I have nothing left to give. If this is your status Scott, you just lean up against me and I will lean up against you, and we won't have to rest in the mud.

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