I'm really struggling today and so I texted a few people about that struggle.

So at the moment I'm so horribly triggered by a reply and a little back and forth I had with one fellow that I'm not sure how to feel/respond whatever.

So here's the back and forth before I just keep typing away:

Me: Just sending a note. Not looking for ansers or anything. Just ahring. Struggling today pretty bad. Utterly hate my mess, bur for some reason it's mine to deal with. It's on of those days that is just so frustrating and difficult. Yes I'm praying about it and seeking God's peace, but the struggle remains along with all the feelings and thoughs.

Other: How can I help?

Me: Not sure anyone can at this point. If anyone can I'm clueless as to how.

Other: praying for you brother, but ultimately you're going to have to claim vicotry over the stuff. lay it at the later and walk away.

Me: Maybe you truly believe it's that easy or I'm just that weak. I don't know, either way I've never seen any one have success with the "just get over it method".

Other: you're not getting over it in your own power scott. If that was the case we'd all be stuck in our own crap and satan's victory would be complete. it really is just that simple brother. repent of your own stuff and forgive others of theirs.

So..... that's the dialog. I haven't replied back because like I said, I'm horribly triggered, and know if I keep having this talk back and forth I'm just going to go downhill more and more.

So please read it and let me know your take. Out of the 3 I sent the initial message to this fellow knows the most but my past and some current struggles but certainly not everything.