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So you do exactly what you fear of those "religious types" judge with out even knowing the person. tsk tsk tsk.
I love the topic, and for that for being a staunch "Christian".(Great desire to become a Pastor)
So lets explore the facts shall we.
Religion has caused more harm than good, it has been the direct cause of wars, hunger, bigotry, racism, class-ism, sexism, lust and greed, but mostly religion has turned many a good soul off what the real goal is.
What's the real goal? well to win souls, and how is that done? well through love and compassion.
Most religious churches today practice a form of worldly "Christianity" which is a lets make it so we don't offend anyone and so that we can fill the seats of our auditorium, and off course our coffers.

It pains me when I watch our gay pride marches and I see the "Religious ones" on the side of the road with there stupid posters "turn or burn" "god didn't make Adam and Steve" (WOW lke they are lke so cleva riiite.)

I cry for the damage done to the people that most need God and how they are turned against Him because of a bunch of ignorant conservatives.
Don't concern yourself with religion or religious doctrine, rather turn to the author of our faith, the One that went and spoke to the harlot,(Whore) the One that said "let he who is with out sin cast the first stone" the One that touched the unclean (lepers)and made them clean, the One that healed sinners (Non Jews) when it wasn't cool to do so.

It is not man that saves and loves souls, Only God can do that.

So don't stress yourself about silly little man, rather look to the author of our faith.

Heal well Bro'
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