Thanks Lee

I needed this - It gave me puddles in the eyes.

I had forgotten about this and I NEVER, NEVER talk about this because it is a bit out there. I also was made to feel like a lier when I told my parents. When I was 10 I had a vision/dream of a dove/light over my bed (in the corner of the room) and a voice saying 'you are my son with whom I am pleased' That was just before I decided to get baptisted. The youngest in my church ever. Even though I had this awesome experience (which I didn't and still don't understand) I still felt unworthy of God's love. I did have a sense that God would do something 'important' with my life. I am only now, 25 years later, starting to understand that God's love is not dependant on my performance.

I think it comes down to God's timing.....we can't expect to understand how God works....we just need to know that He DOES work.
More than meets the eye!