This is something you were called to do . Look at this spiritually when I allowed my life to stop being about myself and my abuse it was only than that I realized that I am supposed to be at others crossroads, if I am not where I am suppose to be than that person is not going to go the direction in life they should.

when i realized life was about gods plan not my own than i had something to live for. My life up until than was about me meaning ,sexual abuse, living in 26 different homes, watching my mother get beat from broken ribs to broken jaw and seeing guys abuse her me and my sister, going to 16 different schools, and on and on and on u get the picture ?

That was when life was about me .So when i listen to my pastor say one night at bible study that this might shatter some of your worlds but i hate to tell you that life is not about you

I sat there like what does he mean? He says life is not about u and your tiny little world and tiny little thoughts it is much bigger than u it is about letting God get you into a position to be usable
It is about getting yourself ready to do his work because life is not just about u .
You have to be constantly working on your life so u can be there for others 5 yrs from now 10 yrs from now hell even 2 months from now u have to be at the crossroads for these people God will set the time and place and if you are not there they miss out and u miss out on the blessings.

Right than i realize i could stop living my life for me which i stated before was hell and start living for Christ start living for God because as long as i have something to live for other than myself who i wanted to get as far away from that guy as i could than life could suddenly be manageable . hence being born again giving my life to Christ letting the old pass away and allowing the newness of Christ to reign.

When i had that spiritual revelation that night at bible study i have given everything i have living for him and letting god have that old guy that old man. he has set so many divine appointments allowing me to be used by him to help many many people and i take no glory for myself because there is none to be had.

He has used me to meet people at their crossroads much like he is going to use you brother Lee allow this encounter to be about Gods work not your own ,allow the holy spirit to guide the conversation allow god to use you
remove yourself from the equation .

You will soon find yourself being able to open up about stuff you never thought possible and there will be no pain and if there are tears let it be known that it will be Gods will and not your own. God is very much in control so let him be.

I hope this made sense .I firmly believe we did not have our experiences for nothing that God had a plan and if we surrender to that plan life has meaning .If you take all that has happen and put God and Christ in the middle of it all it is a testimony .

You take all that has happen to us in our lives and take God and Christ out of it and none of it makes sense.

I no i have a testimony and who better to help heal the world than those of us who have been healed by God to lead people who are in fact broken in need of a healing to God. God chooses who he will use he chooses to use the weak to confound the strong he uses the lowly things and exalts us above measure does that make sense?

we did suffer much but if that meant this was what it took for me to know Christ so be it i count every thing else as dung i count it all loss to no my Savior. now go do what he has called us all to do go bear the infirmities of the weak allow the spirit to move through you

peace and blessings

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