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Are we allowed to post the names of known child molesters?

I have been 'tempted' to a thousand times. But NO it is not wise to post names of child molesters until they have been convicted by the judicial system. If they are already listed as sex offenders by your local or state police then it's OK.

Probably you are not insured in case the person should sue you for defamation of character. Also, MS should not endure such a legal challenge.

Unfortunately for us (injured parties) the legal system affords more protection for the claimant than the plainteff.

To find out who has been convicted as a sex offender in your area, bring up Google or another search engine in your browser. Insert in the search window: sex offenders in zip code _ _ _ _ _ or state _ _ and county _ _ _ _ _ . Press Enter and it will probably churn up a list of offenders for you.

For example, to find the registered sex offenders in the community where I experienced abuse as a child:

sex offenders in zip code 22040

That's all there is to it.


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