If a person is ok with something then why would they call it sin? It does, from their worldview, make no sense to do so.

Something causing a problem isn't the qualifying for it being a "sin" or not. Workaholism for example isn't a sin, but like any addiction, can have very negative effects on the rest of life.

I personally believe the Bible teaches that every life, every human being is valuable. The every person is indeed created in the image of God and therefore each bears that value and dignity. I know that your experience (and mine) have taught us that not everyone who calls themself a Christian believe this. Well a prime example would be Westboro. They call themselves Christian, but yet they are filled with such hate and bigotry. To me their actions speak louder than their declaration. Look at the life of Christ, compare it to Westboro, and you'll see no compatibility at all between the two.

Christ said that you would know His disciples by their love. Westboro doesn't show love at all, so by that qualifier their actions show they aren't followers or disciples of Christ at all. Jesus was called the "friend of sinners". He embraced and showed love and compassion to the very people the "religious" of His day despised and looked down on.

Truly... it's no different today. The "religious" of our day don't truly know or understand who Jesus is and they live in the same place and way of the Pharisees. Jesus Himself said that the day will come and many will cry out "Lord Lord" and He will say them, "Depart from me for I never knew you."

I agree with you, yesterday was indeed all about labels and triggers. I wasn't sexually abused in a church or even a religious setting, but I was certainly spiritually abuse at home by a mother who tried to use church and religion to control and manipulate her kids into who she wanted them to be.