I see your point (and the point others have made). I think there is a semantic error in the argument.

I agree - if masturbation is getting in the way of healthier ways of living, then it is a problem, and if you want to be religious about it - call it a sin. But it is a problem regardless if you label it a sin or not. I think we can all agree on that.

For those of us who do not have issues with masturbation (addiction, preoccupasion, etc), then the word "sin" is ludicrous.

It's a double insult to 2/3ds of the planet that isn't Christian : buddhist, or muslim, or hindu, pagan, agnostic...... What about their experiences? Are they invalid?

No. Abuse tried to teach us that we're invalid. We're not. We're all equally affected, and not all of us believe the same religious tenets.

So, I'm seeing the argument for what it is now - people clutching to names and labels and getting triggered over it. And justifiably so. Many of us were abused inside the church, and any semblance of religious dogmatism is a trigger. For myself included.

We can all agree that if masturbating is causing issues in other areas of your life (like getting in the way of your job, your relationships), treat it like any other addiction or mal-adaptive coping mechanism. It's dysfunctional.

If it isn't causing any issues, and is providing an avenue for self love and release of anxiety, then it is a very good thing.