Hello all,
Asking for prayers for my husband tonight. He is in the hospital. He was at the psychologist's office today, and "had difficulty remaining in the present". He was also having headache/chest pain so he was sent by ambulance to the hospital. When I arrived he had trouble remembering my name,
his age, and the city we live in. He thought he was 10 years old, living in his hometown, and he was "bad" because he had been telling the psychologist bad things about his mommy. I held him while he cried because his mother had his pet cats, his only friends, killed. He kept saying he was bad, and that he was sorry, and that mommies aren't supposed to hurt there little boys, they are supposed to protect them. Ijust held him, and told him we was safe, and tried to keep him grounded in the present. I am heartbroken. This hospital is keeping him because the VA is on diversion. He is in a regular room. The attending walked into his room, he was very dismissive, and barely talked to my husband. He stated that there nothing psychiatric wrong with my husband because psychiatric events DO NOT HAVE PHYSIOLOGICAL symptoms (such as drowsiness, or looking "shell-shocked".) He ordered a drug screen and cancelled the psychiatric consult that the ER doctor had ordered. I was told that if I wanted another doctor I "had to find one on my own who would take him" at 7:00pm at night. My husband is better at this point, more grounded in reality, but still very fearful and upset. I need to go now since I am spending the night there. Please pray that we can get him to VA to get the care that he needs. Thank you all.