I don't believe I ever said you were singling "ME" out.

But regardless you quoted the Bible and stated it to be a basic tenent of religion... which certainly it is a part of religious teaching but the only one I'm aware of is Christianity.

If you meant ALL religions, then quoting from only ONE of them certainly doesn't help your case. It only makes it appear that you intended one in particular while talking about the many. Specifically the one attached to the individual who is at the root of the original post that sparked the whole thing.

That being said, I believe what I'm saying in that paragraph above is in 100% agreement with Lancer where he says, "I'm pointing out the importance of language,". The words we use are important.

I always personally try to qualify my words by stating "I believe" or "The Bible teaches", especially when talking about topics such as the current situation. I agree 100% with Lancer, the way we state things can surely color the statement in a way that may or may not be intended. I also agree that just because I believe a certain way, and believe it to be the way it is, doesn't mean I can thus expect everyone to think and feel the same way. I certainly know that not everyone believes in God. I've said quite a few times and in quite a few different settings that I have more people I call friend who are gay and/or atheist than who are Christians simply because (and this certainly can be found in ALL religions) many I have met are judgmental and hateful. But then I've met plenty of gay/atheist who are just as hateful as well.