Hey Lee! I'll share something that amazed me the past couple of weeks, though I know well the mind/body connection Country alludes to, particularly with stress.

I've had a rough few months as I started to deal specifically with the CSA for the first time in my life. For one, I'm an outdoorsy type. No real back problems except from the gym, and could usually stretch those out on a door frame or use the massage therapist. Boy, did that change. The worst, most debilitating lower back pain I've ever had in my life which even forced me to use painkillers. Not an addict, but I hate what the shit does to my head.

In the past two weeks I've made some breakthroughs in therapy. Last week was a particularly rough session, but I noticed that evening the pain had simply disappeared. Easier session this week, some tension, but again, I noticed the pain was gone.

To answer your question mate, it seemed like a direct connection to me.