Thank you for stating my point more eloquently than I did, Lancer.

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I'm gonna back up Magellan by sidestepping a bit to make some language distinctions and how important they are.

I have a problem with absolutes, i.e., "lust is a sin". I have no problem, however, with someone saying, "I BELIEVE lust is a sin." I can respect that because the person has the personal conviction to express it in the first person.

But something expressed as an unqualified absolute (homosexuality is a sin, jacking off is a sin, etc.) begs the question - and a total mindfuck setup if there ever was one - according to WHOM? You? YOUR God? Well, that's nice, but some of us don't believe in Your God.

If you can parse the distinction, I'm pointing out the importance of language, particularly in this forum.