Honestly, I think religion is dangerous. It leads people to believe that what they believe is better than what someone elses believes. It leads people to believe that they can say things without repercussions. It leads people to condemn, judge, and manipulate. It leads people and parents to instill SHAME INTO THEIR CHILDREN.

The evidence is written all over this site. Any time someone posits a snap judgment aka "sin" into a discussion centered around trying to comprehend shame and to relieve themselves of it, it devolves.

I have yet to see one discussion on this site where this type of religious provocation has been constructive, or instrumental.

I think there is a reason why there is a SPIRITUALITY forum - its specifically FOR this purpose. Outside of this forum, it is dangerous and incendiary.

Just look at the evidence, and look at the threads. Wish it weren't the case. Wish I could control it. Wish I could change it, but I can't.

The simple truth is - people come here to be alleviated of their shame and confusion, not to have someone else try to remind them why they SHOULD be ashamed.

I'm done. I've made my point. It was either heard or ignored, and I can accept that.


PS: I said "RELIGION" not Christianity. I said *I* was the Christian. IE: I did not single any one religion out, but confessed my own participation in 1 of them. Get it? Good.