I think the better question is, why is the human race so judgemental.

In recent days I've seen people attack christians over and over about being judgemental and hateful.... all the while in so doing they spew hate and judgement back.

Pot and Kettle calling...

Apparently only Christians are horrible and evil for speaking their opinion, while every one else is just using their right to free speech.

Gotta love the irony. It's ok for X, Y, or Z to make a formal utterance of an authoritative opinion but if said person is of any "Christian" background or opinion it's obviously just "hate and intolerance".

People, regardless of any particular background or religious belief, are just filled with hate and intolerance any more and it's pretty dang sad.

I also find it ironic that you say:
And yes, your faith is a *personal belief* and not the law of the land to be crammed down other people's throats, no matter how fervently you believe in your religion.

And you come to this forum to try to tell those you are being judgmental of how you think they should behave, when the real deal is, you're beef is with NLTSaved, and as such it would have been better to address it directly with him via PM rather than paint a whole group with a big ole brush (which is in another stroke, another judgement upon an entire group of people).

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