Farmer Boy,

I was also abused at 4 and 12 and several other ages, by different perps.

The abuse at 4 was in the making of kiddie porn, and the abuse at 12 was sadistic sexual abuse, etc.

My symptom list is very similar to yours, and I guess it is as long.

Some things on my list are opposite to yours. I was late in development. I hit puberty (or it hit me smile ) at 14 1/2.

My tooth development halted after sever abuse. At 14 I still had the teeth of an 11 year old.

I think that most of us here in MS suffer from a stress syndrome which affects our hormones and entire endocrine system. I have suspected that I have chronic fatigue. My doctor recently found in blood tests that I have very low thyroid and testosterone (male hormone) levels. I am getting medication for these conditions.

You may very well have dissociative disorder from early abuse. That's what I have. It causes headaches. Nearly every day I have headaches.

I have not been diagnosed with Asperger's, but in an MMPI test I took it said that I was somewhat schizoid. This does NOT mean schizophrenic. It means the same thing I believe you mean by 'Asperger's - like syndrome'.


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