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This may be brutally emotional for many of us, as survivors in recovery can be very much in touch with their softened heart. DON"T WATCH AT WORK just in-case.

If youíre a parent, you probably know that there is a very special toy or blanket you must never, ever loseÖ So what happens if your kidís lovey does get lost? Liamís parents experienced that loss in 2009 and grieved with their son for his best palóAh Ah the blue monkey.

But what if you could get that lovey back, almost three years later?

Well, these parents did. Watch this video of Liam getting his Ah-Ah back.
We dare you not to cry!

SOURCE: The Good Men Project

Thanks Rob, that was good.

I see the mom in that vid did something my mom would have done. She kept talking and talking and talking, saying things which didn't help Liam but instead validated herself.