Yes, it appears we both like each other a lot. I'm finding that I'm having a hard time trusting this, it is "too good to be true". And yet I'm also judging him because of the way he dresses. What the hell?

Thanks for all your input guys, I feel like a complete newbie with all this, and so I don't know what "common sense" is when it comes to dating. And of course, some people fall madly in love immediately, and some people fall in love much later, and some couples never fall in love at all and have wonderful life long relationships.

I guess I'm wondering which feelings I'm having in me are real, and which ones I should share with him. I obviously don't want to scare him off with excitement and enthusiasm, but I also don't want to drive him off with being too aloof and "meh" about everything.

In our communications with each other, it is clear the trajectory of our relationship is closer, closer, intimacy, closer, and trust.

I'm amazed that this is happening to me. Just a couple months ago I was saying that romantic relationships just simply did not exist in my universe.


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Holy sh*t D, 5th date? Where was I? (Probably out doin' the lawn). Fuckin' excellent. Hmm...guess y'all like each other, huh?