Hate to rain on the parade but Love at this point is a big ask.
Its your first date after many many years, its your first date since beginning the healing journey from CSA. Its a tough one brother, but I would go for the lets have some fun option and not worry to much about love.
Being a CSA survivor, Love is already a foreign concept, one that we need to still learn about.
Be content with having someone to share things with, have fun with, do things together and just generally get you out of your shell.
Enjoy life a little and learn to have fun.
You seem to be looking for reason to get out of this relationship in anyway so just learn to have fun in the moment, this is also an important part of our healing process.

I found that I was so intense about life, that I was to serious, and have had to back off a lot.
Matrix Men has also had to take a back seat, so has MS.

Balance man BALANCE, rough but true.

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