My family moved to Denver when I was 15. They started noticing that I had problems. My eyes had "turned" and I couldn't talk. What other symptoms did they notice? Why did it take them years after the abuse?

My father took me to an eye doctor (ophthalmologist). The doctor was the father of the astronaut, Jack Swigert. I learned much later from my mother (that's how I always learned stuff) that the doctor said that my eye problems were from emotional problems. Well, so..... duuuuuhhhhhh

His role as an astronaut was portrayed by Kevin Bacon in the movie Apollo 13. Astronaut Swigert had graduated from the same high school that I was attending when his father evaluated my vision. He graduated from the same University from which I would later graduate. I didn't know any of that then and I didn't derive any benefit from that interesting information.


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