So my son (13yo and AKA "Boo") recounted the following boy-discovery today when I dropped his computer-off at his mother's house:

"Hey remember that beach caddy you had for one of your sailboats? Well, Bill, john, Tom, Mike and I were looking at it wondering what to do with it. (Oh God...that's a great premise) So...we realized it had no steering of its own, so we know that old Radio Flyer?....we attached that wagon to the front so that there would be steering...(Oh there a law-suit in this)...We had to secure it all with rope and some lag-bolts...We took it up to the top of Bus-Stop-Hill and Mike and John got on to take the first ride (Oh God! BusStopHill is fkg HUGE). So they start-out going way too fast....course there are no brakes, so John is steering and carving all left & right-like to slow them down, when suddenly the front-wheels kinda go perpendicular to the direction of travel and...God! The thing flipped SO many times and threw them SO SO far! You shoulda seen it (I actually wish I had)!! Oh!!!! They got royally thrown!!!

So we were all laughing our asses off and ran-down there so the rest of us could try, but it was too broken-up. Bill wanted to keep the thing going, so I ran home and got the moped and a rope to tow it to Bill's house (that's like miles away......Oh my God). So I'm towing it with some of them on the back and some one their bikes...but a bolt was sticking-down onto the pavement and was throwing this total;y huge rooster-tail of sparks. We thought the woods were gonna start on fire! Man that was fun!"

So Boo...."yeah?" Wuddya learn from all that? "Absolutely nothing."

Fully true story from today, but plz don't call CPS quite yet

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