I met a traveler once, while I was taking my own inward journey. his advice to me..."You don't choose the books, the books choose you."

As far as the used book arena is concerned, you never know what you will find. (I am not trying to deluge you in book titles, but simply give you options). So here are a few other books that I would not turn my nose up at...

"Speaking our Truth" by Neal King (this little gem is written by a therapist, that also happens to be a survivor himself).

"The Betrayal Bond" by Patrick J. Carnes Ph.D. (in depth study about trauma bonds and why they are so powerful).

"Legacy of the Heart" (this is one of those rare undiscovered treasures that is rarely talked about and I am not sure why).

"Boundaries" by Anne Katherine M.A. (this is one of those subjects, that is related to csa).

Veteran of Psychic Wars (Tarot)


Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine ~ M.F. Fernandez