That's great news, D! I'm psyched that you've had fun with this dude! If I were you, I'd relax your mind about love. You're having fun with this guy. He's into you. He's a different person than you in some ways--messier and quirky and whatever. But he likes being with you. That's cool. Hey, every relationship is based on give-and-take. None of it sounds like deal-breaker material, especially if he puts up with you being occasionally judgmental, right!?! (I'm just giving you a hard time!)

As time goes on, and you learn how much you can and should emotionally commit to this guy, and really settle into a rhythm with him, you'll start to know how things might proceed.

Here's the thing to think about. You have your heart to consider, as well as your boundarylessness ability to just dissociate your emotions and fuck. It sounds like you're staying present, emotionally, and you're conscious about your own boundary issues. So it's only your heart that we've got to think about. At some point, it would be cool to have a good conversation with this dude. Maybe over a meal. "Hey, I'm really into you. I'm also a little nervous. I don't have a lot of experience with mature relationships, and to be perfectly honest, I have some emotional baggage...." And you could talk over how you feel....

Good luck. You sound like you're ready to take some risks, and that's really what it takes. Good! I'm psyched for you. Update often, please.