Hi folks,

rather than type a long doozy like I usually do, I'd like to ask a question of people who are experienced in 'dating' and relationships.

How many dates do people typically go on with someone before they discover that they have feelings for them, or that there is major potential for a relationship to develop? Is that the same as falling in love?

I'm dating someone for the first time in years, we just had our 5th date, and we messed around for the first time. This is a first for me (I'm a typical CSA survivor that wants to have sex as soon as possible - for the validation).

This is entirely different than any dating experience I've ever had before, and its a little befuddling.

I suppose I should add - since we took our time before getting sexual, I've had the chance to get to know him. He has many quirks and doesn't present well sometimes (slob), and I find myself very judgmental at times. Some of these things could thwart pursuing anything based on my own obsessive thinking and questioning cycles. But he's also got qualities about him and his personality that I absolutely love about him.

Could use your input and experience here.

Thanks guys


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