Ok I've just started looking here and I haven't read too many posts in this section but I'm starting to think holy crap is everything caused by CSA.

So I was a sickly kid and I'm interested if anyone else had similar issues that they feel is related to their abuse. Here goes the list (I have never writen them out like this). I have also wondered if I had one of those mums that 'made' their kids sick to get attention.

I was first abused somewhere around 4-8 (still sure how old when it started)
- At 4 I was very anemic (apparently they thought I had might have had leukemia - but I didn't)

- At 6 had my tonsils out

- Constantly getting cold and flu would take me at least 2 weeks to get over

- Vision/reading problems (no glasses until a teenager) Similar to dyslexia (wouldn't have put this in the list until I read pufferfish's post)

(was being abused again from 10-12 by another perp)

- At 10 I had lower abdominal pains similar to appendicitis (they took out my appendix and it was fine) Possibly some attention seeking on my part.

- At 10 I had early onset puberty (the doctors said I was sexually 18 by 11 and sexually 25 by 12 - whatever that means) I had to start shaving at 13 and had a full beard by 15.

- Started having shortness of breath or shallow breathing (not asthma) at 12 (they said lungs too big for rib cage)

- Migranes from 12-15 I started having severe migraines

- P.A.T - I have a heart condition called P.A.T. (Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) from 13-now (though not as bad now). My heart feels like it skips a beat and then beats really fast trying to catch up. I feel dizzy during and drained sfterwards for days.

- CFS (or M.E.) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from 14- now (specialist said it was post viral after having glandular fever, ross river fever and 3 other viruses over a 12 month period) Starting to wonder if this was really PTSD? Had to drop out of school and everyone thought I would never be able to live a 'normal' life.

- Erectile dysfunction - As long as I can remember. For some reason I had convinced myself that it was normal not to get a solid erection and that it was just the media giving people unrealistic expectations. (even though I had obviously experienced other men's erections). When I realised it wasn't normal - myself and the urologist (I didn't tell him about abuse because I didn't think it was connected) were convinced it was physical not mental because I didn't get erections at night....but after therapy started I am now aware of solid erections in my sleep....must be mental I guess and obviously CSA related. Derrr (sorry for the gross factor but I still have to inject my penis to have sex with my wife) (Viagra gives my BAD migraines for 3 days)

- Aparently I have an Aspergers type personality. (not diagnosed)

- My 10 year old daughter is diagnosed with Aspergers, Dyslexia, Anxiety Disorder, OCD, ADD and IGA Nephropathy (kidneys). (she REALLY IS a bright and lovely girl and is not medicated at all - she just struggles socially and with writing at school and I don't think she has been abused)

Boy does this look bad when you write it all down. I do try to think of myself as a healthy person (I look healthy anyway)

Sorry it is soooo long. Please reply if you have any similar experiences.
More than meets the eye!