Oh yes, I've definitely been there with this one, especially if I make a mistake related to lack of sight. If I walk into an object, I really castigate myself, and think I'm positively disgustig, even when I know rationally it was not the least my fault.

though sight based mistakes are probably the worst, it can happen with anything from cooking to singing to forgetting something quite innocuous.

I know just where this is from, indeed i'm not certain whether it was the verbal abuse at secondary school, being told day after day to my face that I was a deseased fucking bastard (though it got to the point where I actually welcomed the verbal abuse sinse verbal abuse was better than anything else that people could've been doing) , or my previous experiences at boarding school where I was told to my face that I was a criminal and would go to prison, even for something as simple as not brushing my teeth when the bell rang.

However, like dusty I've found that recognizing the source of tfeelings hose really helped. I now tend to view myself as my own worst critic and try to give no weight to those opinions. I don't always succeed at this, but understanding that where anything about me is concerned I'm my own most biased, unreasonable and unfair judge has helped, sinse slowly I can learn to separate those judgements from what is rational, though like everything it's not been an easy process, and I still have relapses, however I'm not going to give up, sinse damit those judgements are! wrong.