Okay. Well, clearly, I read your previous post first and then the most recent one. Holy shit. What a great letter. It's powerful. It's beautiful. It's moving. Northern... damn. That's one sweet piece of writing.

Here's one thing that we survivors don't say enough to each other... buck up. Hell, it's not that bad. It's just life. We're survivors. That's what we are, because that's what we do. Sometimes, like right now, I feel like I could kill the asshole who hurt me as a kid, and walk away from his corpse with the same light heart I have right now. But I won't. I'm trying not to live with anger. I'm taking things lightly. I'm embracing my sense of humor. My sense of proportion.

I encourage you and H to do the same. I hope you guys do that fun stuff together, too. Fishing and all that.

Keep after it, northern. I'm so glad you got a new therapist. I'm on the market for a good one myself. I'm thinking about getting emdr.