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Trigger warning!

My body remembers touching,grabbing,hitting,pouncing etc. I can smell and taste their sweat and se... feel knife on my troath.But most disturbing is the feeling of movement inside my torso.Its like alien inside my intestines. Nothing had worked, I tried alcohol and other stuff, hurting till extreme pain. I have been now about 3 years in intense therapy and medication,docs have checked my whole body several times with out any real findigs. I have had many names for my symtoms( IBS etc.)But that alien,it's still there in my body and brain. It is moving and driving me nuts.


Peter. I had most of the symptoms you mention a few years after I remembered abuse. For me it was a knife point stuck against my chest, not my throat. Why did my body memories come up after I remembered the abuse? I guess the mechanism in our brains that prevents us from hurting enough so that we can grow up is pretty efficient.

I had the intestine thing when I was 10 (pufferfish story part 4). It happened 24 hours afterward. I don't understand the time-thing.

I also developed IBS but it was related to tensions from the abuse and not directly related to injuries from the abuse itself.