hi dark empathy...

you just relax first because i did go thru my share of things. first of all he abused my that time almost 11 year old daughter and manipulated the whole family for 4 years. i DONT JUST ASSUME STUFF!!!!

i think i am the only woman on this fucked up planet who reported the abuser/ survivor, stopped the abuse on my child AND still supports the guy. can you say you would do that for your abusers. when we mothers know our child is/ was abused, we feel pretty abused and traumatized ourselves. i almost killed him honestly speaking. but i am still supporting him even after all this and so does our daughter. she has only one wish and him too. that the whole thing is healable for both of them and that the stuff one day is just gone. for reaching there at some point of our lives, i am asking such questions....if it is possible or not possible that a male survivor who had both types of perps can only have fantasy about one type of child.
i am not at all what you think i am - i am no male survivor unfriendly female beast...i am surely the opposite and i can see the survivor in my husband despite him having abused my own child!
so please dont say i assume things, cause i surely dont. i am a woman who spent days and nights for months on this site here, just to help HIM out (after of course i made sure my daughter is fine). but that doesnt mean i have to blindly believe what someoen is saying who was forced to wear a mask for lifetime and never showed his real himself (husband). i think that is my good right and also just my responsibility after what my kids and i have gone thru thanks to a survivor/perp/manipulater/perfect father (on the outside)/ aggressive control freak....but always the nice loving man.

everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end