I have an appointment tomorrow with a new therapist who specializes in male CSA, including the impact on relationships. If it goes well and depending on what he says and any feedback I get here I'm thinking about inviting my husband to go with me sometime. I thought about inviting him to the first appointment but decided I need to go for me first.

On another note, he has yet to follow through on bringing the tools by or confirming fishing this weekend. The "one night next week" for dropping off the tools slipped by and then it was "on the weekend", which also slipped by. I absolutely refuse to contact him about it because he needs to follow through on his *promises*, minor though this might be. Last time we went fishing at his suggestion i had to do all the work in setting it up. Not this time. Why suggest things if you have no intention of doing them?

I don't know if he's trying to ignore me or send me a message or if he's crawled into a hole somewhere. He did say when he told me about his CSA that he was lower than he'd ever been.

I'm letting go of all of it and will get the tools elsewhere and make other plans for this weekend. Super happy to have that appointment tomorrow.