I have never heard this topic brought up in church before. Maybe a blessing but it still screwed up my day.

I am the ASL (American sign language) interpreter at church and usually never actualy process the message that given from the pulpit. Sounds strange but when interp. your mind tends to drift in and out of words and phrases never putting them together for your mind to comprehend. Well yesterday while at church a group from another area were talking about therapy for those suffering from addiction. They went on to talk about CSA and groups that can help those struggling through life. I did not realize what was being said until I stammered, trying to think of the sign for MOLESTATION. Needless to say the deaf people at my church never recieved the rest of the message. It threw me into a tail spin. I sat listening to this persons story.

I feel terrible that hearing it come out of somones mouth made me cringe and totaly diconnect for the rest of the day. I never felt that way before, ive always in my mind told them to stop whining but now I feel very uncomfortable and exposed when I hear people openly talk about it. I feel like people know and can see it in me, like all eyes were on me. I know no one knew but it sure felt that way yesterday. My poor wife I could see the horor in her eyes when we made eye contact..

Just blowing off steam and feeling real crappy today...

"Those are not your sins" A wise man