Hey guys,

Sometimes it seems to me that we dwell on the shitty, the crappy and the insane, well, because that's what brings us together. But I'd bet that all of us have done things at times that are noteworthy, brave, even fantastic.

Let's put some of those things down, for the record.

Here's one.

When I was in middle school, my friend's stepdad (who was a fucking sleazebag) and who never seemed to work, would pick up porn channels on his satellite dish and have them playing in the living room when we got home from school. He'd be sitting there in his underwear with a disgusting hard-on. He'd make his youngest stepson sit next to him, sometimes on his lap. He'd ask us all to sit on the couch, too, and then we'd watch these disgusting shows. He'd also order us around, like send us on errands to get him pop or chips or whatever from the convenience store. Once, he sent us to get pistachio nuts. He'd make dirty jokes all the time, too. He was a fat and disgusting asshole. As he gave my friend a few dollars for the pistachios, he said, with this gross and leering face, "You know what happens when I eat pistachios?" He was getting ready to say they make him horny or something, but I yelled, right into his face, "They make you FAT!" And then I ran out of the house. I think that was the beginning of me fighting back and pushing away the sexual abuse in my life. I swear to God it was an involuntary act, but I also think it was one of the bravest things I've ever done. I was terrified of that horrible pervert!

Tell me some good stories, guys.