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i was extremely humiliated, traumatized, teased and so on about the size of my genitals, by my abuser during my abuse. it's profoundly affected my self image, my self esteem and so on. it was made worse from future ridicule that i received from others during my teen years as well. the constant reminders from societies views on what makes a man, from advertisements of mens underwear, to jokes made about size in tv shows, movies and so on... all to say that men with average to larger genitals are part of what defines a "man", and that men with smaller genitals are to be considered not "man" enough.

i've learned, over the course of this past week, that i'm not alone in this. that there are others that have similar issues, that i do, in this area that have stemmed from their abuse as well.

yes, for some of us, our self image about our genitals have been brought on by our abuse. just like many other self images have been brought on from abuse.

i'm posting this topic looking for support. there have been others that have posted previously expressing the same issue. i have received MANY pm's from other users here expressing that they too have the same issue, but due to feeling so much shame about it, i completely understand how you feel that shame because i felt it too, did not want to publicly post their shame but wanted to read the responses from others that were able to post in the hopes of getting help themselves...

yes, i want this to be a productive post/thread. i, along with others, are looking for support and any thoughts, ideas, things that worked for others, to be able to work through this self image issue.

thanks for any, and all, support and uplifting advice on this issue.
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